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    + (94) 114 888 555


    SOLUTION Solutions is the newly started division that focuses the ICT solution to your existing business ICT operation, its expansion, automation, migration or making a fresh conceptualization a reality with modern techno comforts.


    RETAILING Our retailing process mainly includes the marketing and selling of Personal Computers, Servers, Printers, Scanners and other networking and software products. This process can be in single item selling to enterprices level retailing based on the consumer requirments.


    SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENTS Being pioneers in the industry for ICT rating Arc Tech is confidence in its buffer stock, maintenance and after sales team. Identifying the strengths of the above we have formulated a business drive for service level agrements for your exsisting or new ly implemented solutions.


    ICT PROCESS OUTSOURCING Human capital is one of the essential with ICT utilization in your business but yet practically you might have conserns how to get the work done around the clock with no downtime, investments and skilles required and return on investment during the recruitment.

    Gathering the market leaders for consultancy, researching the best of breed international brands, analyzing the case studies and success stories for adoption of best practices Arc Tech has formulated its Solutions Division with a new way of satisfying the market with the motto “We don’t make solutions, We make solutions better”.

    Arc Tech designed and implemented Firewall solution at CBL, this design was done accordingly to meet the needs of an expanding their business. For this project Arc Tech partnered with Fortinet.

    CBL Core Network Security Solution

    Arc Tech designed and implemented of IBM S Series Blade with VMware Virtualization.  ATL has successful completed Data Center migration and network switches with structured cabling Solution for Printxcel.

    PrintXcel Virtualzation and Datacenter Project

    Arc Tech designed and implemented the primary Data Center for ATG Ceylon, this design was done accordingly to meet the needs of an expanding manufacturing business.

    ATG Data Center Solution

    Arc Tech designed and implemented Large Scale HP SAN Storage , HP High-end Server with high availability, Thecus SAN Storage, Local Area Network, Firewall and Microsoft based active directory infrastructure at CSN premises.

    CSN Infrastructure Implementation Project




    Welcome to Arc Tech Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

    Welcome to Arc Tech Lanka (Pvt) Ltd; a company who foresee the future technology and make it a reality in your business doorstep.
    With over half a decade of business experience in various profitable business avenues in Sri Lanka; Arc Tech was stabilizing its name for ICT related equipment, Services and strong business partnerships.
    Arc Tech has a taste of identifying your business needs as important as ours, critically analyzing the factors that makes you facilitated and winning with the product or service what we offer to the optimum satisfaction of you and your organization which makes us the one of the top class ICT product and Service Company in Sri Lanka.
    Today the Arc Tech has more than 10 business partnerships with world giant brands and more than 150 organizations listed and counting in our clients list for past successful product and service vending.
    Since we are situated in the heart of Colombo city, at Rosmead Place, Colombo 07, visiting us and reaching you was not in the list of barriers.
    With the recent restructuring of our Organization’s Human capital with enormous investment in recruitment, training and development we are now in the operations with strong and business driven foundation.
    Our Teams include technical specialists for various products and services, business process consultants for ICT operational issues and expansions, e-government specialists and mostly the best after sales team to name a few.
    Enjoy the business profile and do not let you and your organization forget that the ICT starts with Technology and Arc Tech has what you want.


    Arc Tech Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.
    108/4, Rosmead Place, Colombo 07

    T (94) 11 4 888 555
    F (94) 11 4 510 501

    Email: info@arctech.lk 

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